The video block is a travel to the Neolithic Age and shows the development history of carpet making and its technology. Bronze, bone, delft, wooden and metal spindles, needles, havas (hava- tool used in carpet making) and other tools found in Gobustan, Babadervish, Karabakh and other regions of the country, prove that the carpet making was a well-developed art at the time.
During Bronze and early Iron Ages (B.C. III-I Millenniums) there were numerous spindles and samples called “ceramics weaving”. Especially cloth traces and various pottery goods have been discovered at Early Bronze Age monuments of Karabakh region which you can see in the cadres.
Ceramics of the ancient times, hilts in which dye was made, artistic metal samples, bowls, trays, servers and other applied folk art works, piled and pileless rugs that are letters from our ancestors to us, grab the attention with their geometrical, botanical ornaments, animal elements and scripts.