Azerbaijani tar – musical instrument

 Tar (from the Persian “string”) is a plucked stringed musical instrument. The Azerbaijani tar significantly differs in many respects from tars widespread in other countries of the Orient. The tar is hollowed out from a tree in a form resembling a guitar. The body is shaped like two bowls and covered with a stretched membrane […]

Azerbaijani folk dances

The process of creation and shaping of the folk dance art in the territory of Azerbaijan lasted for centuries. The various types of folk dance crystallised from various ceremonial dances as early as the Middle Ages. At the court of Azerbaijani rulers, there were dance groups which were made ​​famous by the great mastery of […]

Azerbaijani mugham

Mugham is the main genre of Azerbaijani oral classical music tradition. Lyrics for mughams are usually the poems of classical poets. In this genre, an improvised vocal part sounds in the background of significant motifs of the accompanying instruments. There are 7 basic mughams in the Azerbaijani folk music: Rast, Shyr, Segyakh, Chargyakh, Shushmer, Bayati-Shiraz, […]