Goytepe settlement

Ancient settlement of the South Caucasus, from Neolithic period was discovered in Tovuz region of Azerbaijan. Tovuz is located in the western part of Azerbaijan on the border with Georgia and Armenia, 426 kilometers from Baku. The excavations are being conducted by Azerbaijani and Japanese archaeologists. The settlement, discovered during excavations in the Haji Alemkhanli […]

Gabala – an ancient city and capital of Caucasus Albania

The remains of ancient Gabala are situated near the present-day village Chukhur Gabala, 20 km soth-west of the centre. The town was first mentioned in written sources as Kabalaka, in the encyclopaedic work The Natural History by the famous Roman writer Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AD (Plin. H.N.VI.29). Long-term archaeological excavations have […]

village Nic in Gabala, Azerbaijan


The settlement Nijh is located in 40 km to the South – West from the regional center Gabala. About 4000 representatives of the Udin ethnos live in this habitation. The first authentic data about the Udins appeared 2.500 years ago. Herodot, the ancient Greek author of the V-th century B.C., tells in his “History” about […]

Frequently asked questions about Azerbaijan Republic

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. What attitude to the representatives of other confessions? Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, but more than tolerant towards other religions, nationalities and cultures. Orthodox churches, Catholic church, parish and synagogues are operating in Baku city and in the regions of the country. On June 10, 2012 a monument to Roman […]

Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines (Azərbaycan Hava Yolları), also known as AZAL, is the flag carrier of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest airline. Based in Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Baku). Azerbaijan Airlines is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Azerbaijan Airlines is certified with the 4-Star Airline Rating for the Quality of its Onboard […]