Naftalan Oil

What is Naftalan? As in the resort in the wellness center “The Miracle of Naftalan” basic medical factor – naftalan oil which has no analogues in the world. Naftalan oil – a thick, black – brown liquid with a specific, aromatic odor. Naftalan has high viscosity, acidic, high specific gravity (0.91 – 0.96), high boiling […]

Azerbaijani mugham

Mugham is the main genre of Azerbaijani oral classical music tradition. Lyrics for mughams are usually the poems of classical poets. In this genre, an improvised vocal part sounds in the background of significant motifs of the accompanying instruments. There are 7 basic mughams in the Azerbaijani folk music: Rast, Shyr, Segyakh, Chargyakh, Shushmer, Bayati-Shiraz, […]