The Mahammad mosque was built on a fire worshippers’ temple in 1078-79. It is largely known as Broken fortress. It has interesting history. In 1723, the artillery of Peter the Great, on an offensive along the Caspian coast, opened cannon fire on Baku. The minaret of Baku’s oldest mosque was damaged in the attack. The Mahammad mosque has been called the Broken fortress since then. Abd ar-Rashid al-Bakuvi: “Countries monuments and information about Allah’s slaves” (14th century)

“This city has a special feature: wind blows here day and night. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it is impossible to walk. In winter, the wind throws horses and sheep into the sea because they can’t stand on their feet.” City of winds This is another name of the city. Baku has always been noted for Khazry (northerly wind). When it starts blowing, it lasts a week. When old Bakuvians want to find out whether someone is originally from Baku, they ask, “When is there winter in Baku?” If the person answers, “During Khazry”, there are no more doubts left.