(English) Trip TO Azerbaijan – Magnific Land of Fire!(English) Trip TO Azerbaijan – Magnific Land of Fire!

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(English) Trip TO Azerbaijan – Magnific Land of Fire!(English) Trip TO Azerbaijan – Magnific Land of Fire!
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Baku city tour

عفوا، هذه المدخلة موجودة فقط في الإنجليزية الأمريكية و التركية. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in this site default language. You may click one of the links to switch the site language to another available language.

Panorama of the city presented to the height of the mountainous part of a television tower clearly gives an idea of the contrasts and the extent of Baku, the horseshoe bay of Baku. Baku city tour is shaped like an amphitheater, descending down to the Caspian Sea.

Our tour covers the central part of the city showing the most interesting historical and architectural sites. The bus tour includes acquaintance: Seaside park , Azneft Square, Javanshir Bridge, The National Academy of Sciences, Fizuli Square, the Free Woman statue , Izmir Park, the Avenue of Honour and finish in “Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center”. Many of those who happened to see the design of the Heydar Aliyev Center for the first time had hard times to believe that such aproject might ever come true. In fact, even in theory ,the erection of the building of a such extraordinary design looked far from being anyhow realistic. Construction of the Center’s facility was launched in 2007 and completed on May 10, 2012, to celebrate the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s 89th anniversary. Recognized as one of the world’s masterpieces in architecture, the Heydar Aliyev Center has immediately grown into a signature architectural landmark of modern Baku. Zaha Hadid, the author of the building’s design, is a worldwide recognized architect and the winner of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. Not a single straight line was used in the Center’s design. The overall shape of the building resembles a wavelike ascension from the ground towards the sky followed by gradual descent down to the earth. This is not only a tribute to postmodern architecture, but also a portrayal of an eternal cycle.

We continue our tour with visiting of “Old Town” or “Inner City”. The territory of ” Old Town” – 22 hectares, which represents a small fraction of the total area of Baku (44,000 hectares). However, the concentration of architectural and historical monu ments, dictates the need for this excursion into a separate and make this part of Baku, perhaps the most interesting to explore. Maiden Tower (XII century), Palace of Shirvanshahs (XV century), Synyk Gala Castle, Caravan Saray, Juma Mosque – this is not a complete list of attractions of the Old Baku.