Rich reserves of metal ores, a long-time crafts tradition and the constant threat of hostile invasions assisted Azerbaijan in developing Arms and crafts production. A hundred years’ experience of oriental armourers, enriched with local craft traditions, is embodied in Azerbaijani weapons. These weapons, richly decorated using various techniques and ornaments are a unique phenomenon in the history of art and material culture of the nations of the Orient. Weapons were not only a means of defence and attack, but also the pride of the owner. Therefore, weapons, ordered from masters, were real masterpieces of decorative applied art. Defensive weapons – chain mails, chest protectors, foot and hand pads, shields and helmets – were characterised by a great diversity. The blades of swords, sabres, daggers and fighting knives were made from high-quality steel, which endured a long period of use without compromising fighting quality of the weapon.

A large production of firearms started in the 17th century. Rifles and pistols manufactured by Azerbaijani masters stood out with their high-quality construction and great fighting qualities. Weapons of masters of Tabriz, Ganja, Nakhchivan, Baku, Shamakhy and Sheki reached high levels of quality and have gained well-deserved popularity in the Orient.