Southern cuisine

It is extremely diverse. There are 23 meat dishes, seven types of poultry, 20 farinaceous dishes and dishes made of nine fish types. Additionally, there are eight pilafs, five omelets, 28 fruit dishes, etc. Highly calorific dishes such as nut omelets are considered delicacies. The calorific value of dishes is never taken into consideration. There […]

Ballabur fortress in Lenkoran

Located 9 km south-west of the center, it sits in thick forests on a mountain top. The area is noted for its iron-trees. There are still traces of the brick fortress in the forest. One can reach it in half an hour. It is believed that the fortress was built by the Iranian ruler Shapur […]

Talysh Khanate

The capital of the Khanate, which covered the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan, was Lankaran. The founder of the dynasty of Talysh Khans was Seyd Abbas, who belonged to the Safavids. The Talyshinskis, known as one of Azerbaijan’s most aristocratic families, were descendants of Prophet Muhammad. Seyid Abbas, who came to Lankaran during the turmoil in […]

Circular fortress (1747) in Lenkoran

It is known as the Lankaran fortress. Located in the center, the three-storey fortress is 20 m high, while its walls are more than 1 m thick. It was built of red bricks and a mixture of eggs and limestone. Due its strategic location, Lankaran has always been the focus of attention for Iran and […]

Khan’s house (1913)

It is the house of Mirahmad Khan. The monument was designed and built in 1913 by French and Italian architects who were hired by Mirahmad Khan, a descendant of Talysh Khans. The three-storey palace is considered to be Lankaran’s first many-storey building. It is also the first pre-revolution mansion in Azerbaijan to have electricity and […]

What is Lavangi?

This is an absolutely irresistible dish of the southern cuisine, especially in Lankaran. In essence, Lavangi is the name of the chicken or fish stuffing. It can be of different types: chicken, bald-coot (wildfowl), egg-plant, fish and summer Lavangi. The last is usually cooked in hot summer months as cherry plums and different vegetables are […]

Easy entry to Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan Republic eases visa requirements in all its international airports starting from 1st February 2016 for the citizens of Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore in connection with the execution of directives assigned by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Cabinet of Ministers in […]

The oldest tree of Shamakhi

The oldest tree of Shamakhi region currently grows in the village of Avakhil. The tree is reputed to be contemporary to Omar Avakhili Shirvani, saint of Khalvati sect, who lived in the 14 century. According to a legend, Pir Omar secluded himself in a hollow of this tree-trunk. In all probability, the tree was elderly […]

Gum village

The group of Tsahur population lives in this village. The Tsahurs (the tsahs) is one of the ancient people of Azerbaijan; their historical territory of dwelling is Kur-Alazan valley and upper reaches of the Samur River. Their self-name is yikiy. There are historical data of the XIX-th century, and also national legends about occurrence the […]


Lahige is a town type settlement located on a bosom of the Big Caucasus mountains, on a coast of the river Girdmanchaj. Territory of the Ismaillih area, within the limits of which Lahige is placed, since the IV-th century B.C. has become a part of the ancient Azerbaijan state Albania. In I-V centuries AD the […]