Dreamland Restaurant and Lounge

It’s no wonder Dreamland will become one of the most exciting new destinations in Azerbaijan. The Dreamland Restaurant and Lounge as a part of Dreamland Country and Life provides you and your family with classic and authentic cuisine delights with VIP private dining room. Inside the restaurant there are four refined spaces inspired by natural […]

Atropat hotel

Hospitality and catering sector becomes most dynamic sector of Azerbaijan’s economy by capital investments

The hospitality and catering sector became the most dynamic sector of Azerbaijan’s economy by capital investments in Jan-May 2015. According to the State Statistics Committee, in Jan-May 2015 AZN 260.4 million was invested in the sector that exceeded 5.7-fold the investments made during the same period last year. “As a result, investments into public catering […]

Nowruz holiday

Nowruz holiday is one of the most ancient Turkic holidays marked on 20-22 March. It symbolizes the arrival of spring and means abundance and prosperity. The most widespread myth goes as follows: “An oghuz (Turkish tribesman) living in a cave was afraid of the cold winter, which is why he always put aside some food. […]

Nobel brothers

The first foreign company in Baku was established by the Nobel brothers. In 1843, Emanuel Nobel traveled from Sweden to Russia, set up a plant and started manufacturing arms, ammunition and steam generators for warships. After the Crimean war there were no more state purchases, and the Nobel brothers faced the threat of bankruptcy. Ludwig […]

The Great Silk Way and Azerbaijan

The Great Silk Way played very significant role in destination of nations and states over 1500 years, as the first transcontinental trade and diplomacy route in the history of the mankind. Many rulers who grasped significance of the Way and tried to retain it under their control, took that Way into account, while pursuing policy, […]

Gizilagach State Nature Reserve

Although a group of Russian scientist suggested establishing a natural park here in 1913, the plans were upset due to the start of World War I. It was set up in the south-west of the Caspian on an area of 88,400 hectares in 1929. It was established for the wintering, reproduction and protection of migrant […]