Azerbaijan – The Eagle of Caucasus

Azerbaijan Republic – a state in the eastern part of the South Caucasus, on the border between Europe and Asia. In terms of its area and population it is the largest state of the region. The first democratic secular republic of the Muslim East (founded 28 May 1918, in April 1920 invaded by the Soviet […]

Capital – Where the Fire and Water Meet : Baku city

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is located in a place where the fire and water meet – on the southern shore of the Apsheron Peninsula. The first note of Baku appeared in the “Book of the Dead” by ancient Egyptians (3500 BCE) where Baku is referred as the city of the “sacred Bahau”. Baku means […]

Azerbaijani People

The Azerbaijanis are the most numerous Caucasian nation representing a majority population of Azerbaijan and a significant portion of the population of northwestern Iran. It has a total of more than 30 million inhabitants. The Azerbaijanis are a Turkic people belonging to the Caspian type of the Europoid race. Azerbaijani is one of the languages […]

Mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan

Mud volcanoes are related to oil and gas deposits. Azerbaijan holds the first place in the world in the number of mud volcanoes: 350 out of 800 large mud volcanoes are located here. In 2004, the Apsheron volcano with its diameter of 600 m and height of 200 m was entered in the Guinness World […]

Why is Azerbaijan called the Land of Fire?

Several theories exist regarding why Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fire: 1. The country’s name when translated from ancient Persian means “place where holy fire is preserved,” “country of fire”. 2. Petroleum was extracted on the Absheron Peninsula already from the 7th to 6th centuries B.C., and therefore this peninsula is one of the […]