Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort Hotel & Ski Complex

General information Visit us and enjoy our matchless beautiful nature in unsurpassed recreation tourism centre just about 4 km from Qabala City. Our “Qafqaz Resort” Hotel Complex consists of three hotel buildings, SPA center, entertainment centres and parks and has excellent conditions for making your holidays unforgettable both in summer and in winter. The mountainous […]



Some authors interpret the Lezgin eth­nonym as “mountain people”. Lezgins comprise 95 percent of the district po­pulation. Having an important position among national minorities in Azerbaijan, the Lezgins live mainly in the northern and northwestern part of the country. Known as one of the main peoples of Caucasian Albania, the Legs are regar­ded as ancestors […]

novruz holiday

Nowruz in Zoroastrianism

According to Zoroastrian beliefs, Nowruz is linked to four most important symbols of life: water, fire, wind and flames. Zoroastrianism led to the creation of a series of fire-related holidays. Each of the last four Wednesdays has a symbolic name. Nowruz celebrations, beliefs and rituals are described in Avesta, the main book of Zoroastrians.Therefore, there […]

Nowruz Bayrami

It is one of the most ancient Turkic holidays marked on 20-22 March. It symbolizes the arrival of spring and means abundance and prosperity. The most widespread myth goes as follows: “An oghuz (Turkish tribesman) living in a cave was afraid of the cold winter, which is why he always put aside some food. One […]


Khinalig legend

The village, which is situated at the foothills of Mount Ketsh, was destroyed by a strong earthquake, while survivors settled at the foothills of Mount Dam Dam and planted henna. Since then, the village has been called Khinalig. The Khinalig people, whose way of life has not undergone significant changes since time immemorial, regard themselves […]

Khinalig lifestyle

The Khinalig people, who have maintained their ancient customs and traditions, hold their weddings and other ceremonies as they did in the past. The Khinalig people have rich traditions related to rain, agriculture, some domestic animals, weddings, funerals and observation of heavenly bodies. Their customs and traditions, which form part of their lifestyle, are based […]

Southern cuisine

It is extremely diverse. There are 23 meat dishes, seven types of poultry, 20 farinaceous dishes and dishes made of nine fish types. Additionally, there are eight pilafs, five omelets, 28 fruit dishes, etc. Highly calorific dishes such as nut omelets are considered delicacies. The calorific value of dishes is never taken into consideration. There […]

Ballabur fortress in Lenkoran

Located 9 km south-west of the center, it sits in thick forests on a mountain top. The area is noted for its iron-trees. There are still traces of the brick fortress in the forest. One can reach it in half an hour. It is believed that the fortress was built by the Iranian ruler Shapur […]

Talysh Khanate

The capital of the Khanate, which covered the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan, was Lankaran. The founder of the dynasty of Talysh Khans was Seyd Abbas, who belonged to the Safavids. The Talyshinskis, known as one of Azerbaijan’s most aristocratic families, were descendants of Prophet Muhammad. Seyid Abbas, who came to Lankaran during the turmoil in […]

Circular fortress (1747) in Lenkoran

It is known as the Lankaran fortress. Located in the center, the three-storey fortress is 20 m high, while its walls are more than 1 m thick. It was built of red bricks and a mixture of eggs and limestone. Due its strategic location, Lankaran has always been the focus of attention for Iran and […]