What do tourists eat in Baku?

So, you are in Baku! Suitcases and jet lag are left in your room, and walks around the city are in full swing. You’ve already strolled along the waterfront, listening to the whisper of the Caspian, climbed to the very top of the Maiden Tower, listened to old stories about the Shirvanshahs, wandered through the […]

Kharak bread

Kharak bread

This is the name of Gusar bread. The bread is made in ovens typical of the northern zone. These ovens are called kharak. They are different from ovens used in other regions. The kharak made from soil has a rectangular shape and looks like an oven. Apart from bread, it is also used to cook […]

Tat chighirtma

Chicken is cleaned and cut into whole pieces. It is scalded in boiling water. Then 4 or 5 finely sliced onions are roas-ted in another pot on churn oil and the chicken is placed in the pot. The chicken is roasted in a few minutes. Then, they put one teaspoonful of grape vinegar in a […]

Guba baklava

Guba baklava and bukma are sold at baklava workshops located in almost all the streets of the city and mostly in pri-vate courtyards. It is possible to watch baklava and bukma being cooked here. Although it resembles the Shaki halvah and Baku baklava, it tastes differently. Stuffing from milled walnuts mixed with sugar is made […]

Southern cuisine

It is extremely diverse. There are 23 meat dishes, seven types of poultry, 20 farinaceous dishes and dishes made of nine fish types. Additionally, there are eight pilafs, five omelets, 28 fruit dishes, etc. Highly calorific dishes such as nut omelets are considered delicacies. The calorific value of dishes is never taken into consideration. There […]