Guba baklava and bukma are sold at baklava workshops located in almost all the streets of the city and mostly in pri-vate courtyards. It is possible to watch baklava and bukma being cooked here. Although it resembles the Shaki halvah and Baku baklava, it tastes differently. Stuffing from milled walnuts mixed with sugar is made first. After that, soft flour is made from rice and water. It is necessary to prepare 40-50 noodles for baklava. The noodles are cooked and placed on each other. Stuffing is added between the layers. Red paint is spread on the top layer, and it is cut in the form of a rhombus. Walnuts are placed in the middle of each rhombus. The tray is covered and placed in an oven. After it is ready, they add a mixture of water, sugar and various spices. After absorbing the mixture for several hours, baklava becomes soft and is ready to be served.