Hirkan National Park is in the south east of the country and covers the part of the territories of Lankaran and Astara administrative districts Lankaran and Astara.
The purpose of establishment of this park was to preserve nature systematically. Also the goal was to preserve the species of fauna and flora which included to the Red Data Book of Azerbaijan, to conduct monitoring of environment, to inform public, to carry out researches, to organize tourism. Most part of Hirkan National Park is covered by forests.
Although the territory of Hirkan National Park is not high vertically (up to 1000 meters) when you move from East to West you can observe how forests changes vertically. The below there are mostly chestnut-leaf, argon trees, hornbeam, Lankaran acacia, Hirkan fig, Azat and others. The upper there are mostly argon trees, beech trees and others.

The fauna of Hirkan includes stork, grave eagle, pelican, pheasant and others which are included to the Red Data Book of Azerbaijan. The fauna of the park is very rich. You can meet leopard, spotted deer, lynx, badger, wild boar, roe deer, raccoon and other mammals in this park.

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