Azerbaijani kamancha is an Azerbaijani folk bowed string musical instrument. It is a necessary part of professional ensembles of traditional music – Azerbaijani mugham, and is also used as a solo instrument. The Azerbaijani kamancha consists of a body and neck with a tip, which passes through the inside of the body out and connects the two halves of the body. The German traveller E. Kaempfer (17th century) describes the Azerbaijani kamancha as three-stringed, sometimes four-stringed, instrument that produces a beautiful timbre sound.

Habil Aliyev (born in 1927), an excellent master in playing the kamancha (born in 1927), was, after his concert tour around Europe, called “the Paganini of Azerbaijan” by the British press. Kamancha concerts are played in almost all countries of the world and author albums were released in 10 countries.