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Naftalan treatment



Naftalan, Azerbaijan

Naftalan oil is a unique medical factor not having analogues in the world. Naftalan is a black-brownish liquid with compact consistence and distinctive smell. The main effecting substance of naftalan oil are nafthene hydrocarbons (is related to availability of cyclopentane-perhydrofenantren skeleton existing in composition of a number of ferment hormons and other physiologically active substances) that has effect of activator of intensity of pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, vascular-widening, antiallergic, trofic functions and metabolism processes, stimulator of spermatogenesis, ovulation and ovogenesis processes. Basing on all these processes Naftalan therapy was acknowledged as a non-substitutive method of treatment in many fields of medicine.

Diseases of soft muscles of joints and joint ends in musculoskeletal system

  • Polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis (Sokol-Buyno diseases in passive phase being active as minimum);
  • Minimally active polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis;
  • Infection specific arthritis, polyarthritis (brucellosis, dysenteria, viral);
  • Deforming spondylosis, spondylarthrosis;
  • Arthritis, arthrosis connected to other diseases: podagra polyarthritis, beningnant polyarthritis, vibratory diseases;
  • Diseases of joint ends, soft muscles and musculoskeletal system: bursitis, tendovaginitis, periarthritis, myositis, myalgia, myofascitis;
  • Bechterew’s [Strümpell’s] disease

Naftalan therapy of joint diseases is a method of pathogenetic treatment. In order to increase effect of this treatment complex physical and drug treatment is applied parallel to nafthalan treatment. Influencing upon nerve and reticuloendothelial systems playing important role in protection processes of organism, Naftalan helps to liquidate inflammatory processes, decrease pains and improve blood circulation. Naftalan stabilizes synthesis of chondroitin sulfate, stimulates new chondral cells as a result of which joint cartilage is formed.

As a result of sanatorium-health resort treatment complex including nafthalan treatment, massage, physiotherapy, medicinal physical training allows to get best treatment effects. When conduction purposeful treatment pathological occurrences such as muscle spasms, pains at palpation, functional attacks of joints are decreased or liquidated. As a result of all this mobility is increased, pain feelings are decreased. Complex conservative treatment method conducted by applying Balneum therapy, hydrotherapy, manual therapy and postisometric relaxation of muscles, classic massage and parallel application of physiotherapy gives more effective result at the treatment of scoliosis. Qashalti sanatorium has all necessary conditions in order to provide these methods of treatment.

Skin diseases

  • Nacre
  • Eczema
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Seborrhea
  • Pink herpes
  • Furuncle
  • Cicosis and other pyodermas
  • Ora
  • Scleroderma
  • Itching
  • Wounds
  • Bed wounds
  • Torpid ulcers
  • alligator [fish] skin
  • keratoderma and so on.

Naftalan and naftalan medicines have been used since ancient times for treatment of skin diseases. Positive effect of naftalan to skin is based on stabilization of keratinization, increase of number of Langerhans cells in epidermis and recovery of equal distribution. Local anesthetization effect shows itself in the form of decrease of sense in skin as well as muscular sense, and this says about effect of naftalan against itching. Effect of naftalan against inflammation, disinfection effect, antihistamine effect and analgesic effect was established in treatments applied at a number of dermic and hypodermic diseases. Treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other dermic diseases by naftalan is a most effective treatment methods applied against these diseases.

Urologic diseases

  • prostatitis, uretritis
  • childlessness of men

There is conducted complex examination and treatment of urologic diseases, urea-genital system diseases, erectile dysfunction of men, reproductive diseases of men and women in Qashalti sanatorium.

By instruction-assignment of physician-urologist there are applied high-informative diagnostic methods:

  • ultrasound examination of urino-genital organs (dopplerography and color cartography)
  • roentgen examination by application of modern hypoellergic contrast substances
  • examination (analysis) of prostatic extract
  • diagnostics of infections transferred by sexual way
  • diagnostics of virus diseases of sexual organs
  • examination of hormones of men and women
  • separation of formers by bacteriologic method with determination of sensitivity against antibacterial means
  • biochemical analysis of blood (composition of phosphor and calcium, creatinine, urine nitre, urine acid and so on)
  • Clinic examination of urine and blood

The complex treatment methods of urino-genital organs include balneum therapy (mineral bath, naftalan therapy, applications, rectal tampons), treatment showers (underwater shower – sharco, circular shower, interim shower), massage of prostate gland, massage of uretra by mile, tamponing of back uretra, putting into uretra and urinary bladder drugs.

In the basis of urologic center physiotherapy as well as magnet-laser therapy, therapy against inflammation, stimulators, SMT therapy having pain-relieving effects, KVC and other medicinal technologies for treatment of erectile disorder are used successfully. There is applied diet therapy, medical physical therapy of men genital organs in hall and basins

Gynecological diseases

  • Adexitis, salpingophoritis
  • Parametritis
  • Endometritis
  • Cervisit, chronic and repetition colpitis
  • Amenorrhea, not fully developed uterus
  • Disfunction
  • Childlessness of the 1st and 2nd degree
  • Climacteric syndrome
  • Peritoneal junctions of pelvis

Treatment of gynecological diseases by naftalan has positive effect of liquidator of inflammation, desensibilization, accelerator of common and partial immune resistance, pain-reliever and neyrotropher, improver of blood circulation in small pelvis cavity organs. Naftalan therapy methods are the following: naftalan applications, nafthalan tampons, electric naftalan therapy (diatermoindiction and galvanonaftalan treatment). In treatment of patients with gynecological diseases effects of biologically active substances existing in peloids along with thermal and chemical features has importance: substances like follicles, antibiotics, biogenic stimulators. Effect of nafthjalat treatment against inflammation shows itself in the stage of proliferation and repeated development inflammation process. Naftalan therapy in fibrosis changes even not completely developed gives possibility to eliminate joining muscular occurrences appeared in inflammatory nidus. Naftalan therapy increasing feeding of muscles leads to soften scars and joints. Naftalan has bactericidal property. And a reason for it, it is an existing of some reproductive and antibiotic substances in its composition. These substances are processed by microbe antagonists, different bacteriums, ray funguses, musty funguses. It has been noted that as a result of treatment by naftalan the vagina becomes clean from any pathogenic microorganisms. For Naftalan therapy of vaginal diseases there is used too much native naftalan. B efore using this mud there are processed special procedures.

ENT (ear, nose, throat) diseases

  • Tonsillitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Laryngitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Antritis
  • Frontitis

Naftalan application is advised in the most ENT diseases. These applications applied in place of location of pathological nidus directly have anti-inflammatory, suction as well as antiseptic effects. These applications applied in the area of neck sympatic and collar nodes accelerate common resistance of organism and trophism of mucous membrane of respiratory tracts. Mud applications used in treatment of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinosinusitis are applied in nose, side cavities and collar area. There has been revealed excellent effect of mud applications on regenerative character of mucous membrane epithelium of nasal cavity. In addition to it naftalan applications improves microstructures, influence on non-specific resistance of organism and because of it are applied for allergic and vasomotor rhinitises. Applications in chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis are applied to below part of lower jaw and collar part and usually cover papillate protuberances. Naftalan treatment in non-purulent of medium ear helps to eliminate (adhesive, fybrozive, destructive average otitis, timopanosclerosis) exudates, softens joints, improves acoustic elements, increases adaptation mechanism of organism. When applying together with other proper features effect of nafthalan treatment increases: inductotermia electrophoresis (galvanomud), diadynamic current, ultrasound (nafthenphonophoresis).

Nerve system diseases

  • Central nervous system diseases
  • Initial stage of atherosclerosis in brain vessels
  • Complications of traumatic injure of vertebral and brain (brain concussion, contusion), in cases of non-observation of serious disorders in motions
  • Astenic and neurostenic cases
  • Peripheral nervous system diseases
  • Radiculitis, poliradiculonephritis and last stage of toxic-allergic plexitin
  • Damages and traumatic complications of peripheral nervous system not requiring surgical intervention and having functional recovery features
  • Neuralgia of ternary nerve, cervical nerve, seating nerve and intercostal neuralgia
  • Neuritis of facial, radial, ulnar, buttock, back and frontal buttock nerves
  • Shoulder plexitis and neck-shoulder radiculitis

Naftalan is also notable for its high medicinal effects and optimal concentration of iodine and bromine waters. Iodine-bromine bathes have specific complex effect which is explained by content of soluble mixtures and iodine-bromine microelements. Penetrating the skin iodine through central nervous system has significant effect on muscular metabolism. Physiological significance of bromine is characterized by direct influence upon central nervous system. Positive effect of bromine is based on strengthening of inhibition processes in craniocerebral crust, recovery of mutual effect of awakening and stopping processes forming sedative effects. Having influenced upon nervous system, iodine and bromine recover normal crust and undercrust bonds.

Peripheral nervous system diseases are succefully treated in our sanatorium. Naftalan therapy, physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, cinesitherapy and application of treatment with local effects give optimal medicinal effects. Naftalan therapy affects on metabolism, improves microcirculation, removes oedema and rashes, activate regenerative processes, decreases dystrophoby. During nafthalan treatment conducted by main methods light nidus type balneoreaction is observed in some of patients. This reaction is considered to be as a normal biological reaction within physiological adaptation norms. This time light pains appeared which requires poor changes in the treatment methods. Reaction elapses of itself at the end of the treatment course.

Peripheral vascular diseases

  • Endarteritis in the 1st and 2nd phase (atherosclerosis obliterating vessels of extremities)
  • Reynold diseases
  • Flebitis
  • Tromboflebitis
  • Chronic ostiomielitis (forms not being accute)
  • Celoid wounds after burn

Climatic (climate) conditions of Naftalan town are especially suitable for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Iodine-bromine bathes have specific complex effect which allows to get positive effects in treatment of cardiovascular system and peripheral vessels. Main profile of patients are the following:

Atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries:

– Atherosclerosis as well as atherosclerosis in peripheral vessels after reconstructive operation (after 6-8 weeks) of artery and terminal abdominal aorta of extremities in case of compensation and sub-compensation of blood circulation of extremities.

Obliterating trombangitis (Burger disease), endarteritis

– Obliterating endarteritis in case of compensation and sub-compensation of blood circulation of extremities in stable remission period.

Flebitis and tromboflebitis of surfical and skin veins of low extremitis

– At least after 4 months from skin vessels tromboflebitis and at least 2 months after from surfical tromboflebitis during elimination of acute or light appearance

– After tromboflebitis with venous insufficiency continuing trofic changes in shin skin (infiltrates, trophic ulcers)