Shahdagh National Park was established in 08 December 2006 by the Decree of the President of of Azerbaijan Republic in an area of 115 895 hectares. By the Decree dated on 08 July 2010 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic the area of Shahdagh National Park was enlarged to 130 508,1 hectares.
The objective of the creation of the national park is the protection, restoration and management of the mountainous forests with the global significance, pasture ecosystem on the high mountain areas, endemic and endangered fauna and flora species, creation of more favourable condition in order to carry out scientific-research works, environmental monitoring, ecological awareness of population and development of ecotourism in the tourist potentially areas.
The altitude of the Shahdagh National Park area creates a condition for the diverse climate and rich vegetation core and animal kingdom. Forests in the area are famous for their abundance and charm in the world.
The National Park has a rich vegetation cover. Forests mainly are composed of iberian and oriental oak, oriental beech, caucasian hornbeam. The main part of the forests are represented by ash-tree, birch, yew-tree, willow, walnut-tree, cherry-tree, apple-tree, pear-tree of trees, medlar, hawthorn, blackberry-bush, dog-rose, barbery and oriental hornbeam of bushes.
Shahdagh National Park is also rich for its fauna. Of  birds, pheasant, wood-pigeon, quail, golden oriole, woodpecker, crow and etc., of mammals, roe deer, wild boar, jackal, hare, squirrel, wolf, fox, deer, racoon, chamois, forest cat, billy goat, brown bear, lynx, badger and etc. are met in the area.

Rare and endangered species included to “Red Data Book” of Azerbaijan – lynx of mammals, turaj, golden eagle and wild eagle are protected in the national park.
The characteristics of the Caucasus with its clean mountainous climate, its overwhelming landscapes, its hospitable people and its mainly intact nature are perfectly suitable to develop a modern concept which aligns with all requirements to nature in harmonic and sustainable ways.
This park aims not only at the protection of the ecosystem, but will also provide recreational facilities to visitors and tourists as well as contribute to the regional development in this remote region of the Great Caucasus. Beautiful and variegated nature, rich flora and fauna of Shahdagh National Park will enable to organize and develop ecotourism in the area by attracting tourists and visitors.

Source: Shahdagh National Park