What do tourists eat in Baku?

So, you are in Baku! Suitcases and jet lag are left in your room, and walks around the city are in full swing. You’ve already strolled along the waterfront, listening to the whisper of the Caspian, climbed to the very top of the Maiden Tower, listened to old stories about the Shirvanshahs, wandered through the […]

Nobel brothers

The first foreign company in Baku was established by the Nobel brothers. In 1843, Emanuel Nobel traveled from Sweden to Russia, set up a plant and started manufacturing arms, ammunition and steam generators for warships. After the Crimean war there were no more state purchases, and the Nobel brothers faced the threat of bankruptcy. Ludwig […]

Azerbaijan Sights

“Azerbaijan” and “sights” are synonymous. The country’s touristic slogan reads: “Azerbaijan – European Charm of the East”. According to Köppen climate classification, Azerbaijan contains 9 out of the 11 types of climate which attracts a great number of tourists to the country – both those who like skiing and those who prefer travelling around subtropical […]

Castles and fortresses of Azerbaijan

The advantageous geostrategic position of the country, rich stocks of raw materials, wealthy cities – all this was the reason for enemies to attack the country of Azerbaijan. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, hundreds of castles and fortresses, some of which survive today, were built to defend against enemies. In the 5th century, […]

Capital – Where the Fire and Water Meet : Baku city

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is located in a place where the fire and water meet – on the southern shore of the Apsheron Peninsula. The first note of Baku appeared in the “Book of the Dead” by ancient Egyptians (3500 BCE) where Baku is referred as the city of the “sacred Bahau”. Baku means […]

Why is Azerbaijan called the Land of Fire?

Several theories exist regarding why Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fire: 1. The country’s name when translated from ancient Persian means “place where holy fire is preserved,” “country of fire”. 2. Petroleum was extracted on the Absheron Peninsula already from the 7th to 6th centuries B.C., and therefore this peninsula is one of the […]