After a long and tiring journey, pilgrims get to the last stop on the mountainsi­de, called the “Aman house”. They rest and make a wish here before climbing further up. It is a seven-hour walk from this point to the peak. But you can also hire a horse and ride to the peak in an hour and a half. Those who are afra­id of riding a horse, and who wish to make the pilgrimage on foot set off in the evening despite all the possible dan­gers. No-one travels alone. They walk in groups. Everybody prays for his fellow pilgrims. They get to the shrine at night, spend the night there and pray. At a po­int 3,629 meters above sea level, they watch the sun rising from among fog. Then they start slowly walking down. Af­ter the pilgrimage, they sacrifice animals at Namazgah and hand the flesh out to people. They also eat meal made of the meat. There is a feeling of satisfaction, joy and hope in the face of each person back from the pilgrimage. They say a person has to make seven pilgrimages to Babadagh during his lifetime to ensu­re that one of his wishes is fulfilled. Most of the pilgrims are women. Infertile wo­men strongly believe that Babadagh can make miracles. Not everybody gets the opportunity to make the pilgrimage. It is believed that people with “evil” hearts and desires cannot make it to the shrine, as Baba does not accept them. They may be young and energetic, but they stillcannot climb up the mountain. Conver­sely, people of goodwill get their wishes no matter how old or ill they may be.