It’s an architectural undertaking that would beggar belief in Las Vegas or Dubai. Stand on Baku’s downtown seafront or in the Old City, and you’ll see them rising in the distance, three tapering towers reaching up, combining to form the shape of a vast fire. Begun in 2008, at an initial cost of $350 million, the Flame Towers comprise a trio of buildings, each with a different function. The first, southern tower, 33 storeys high, will be residential and contain 130 apartments. The second, western edifice is the Office Tower, set over 28 floors grouped into four tiers, each with an atrium and sharing a sky garden. The third, northern tower is the site of the soon-to-open Flame Towers Fairmont Baku Hotel, (012 437 3162) a 30-floor luxury destination incorporating guest rooms, serviced suites, a spa and fitness centre.