This is the widely known name used by local people to refer to an area where the old town used to exist. It is located in the south-east of Nakhchivan. It has two sections – Kichik Gala (Small Fortress) and Boyuk Gala (Large Fortress). The large part of the fortress has gone. Only some of its towers have remained. The town of Nakhchivan, which lied on the great caravan route, was destroyed by Sassanids in the third century AD. Between the first half of the sixth and the first half of the seventh centuries, silver coins with the word “Nakhch” carved into it were printed in Nakhchivani printing houses owned by the Sassanids. The fortress was built under the Sassanid shah Yazdigird the Third (632- 651). It is said that the town had nearly 30,000 homes with a population of nearly 150,000 at the time. Evliya Chalabi says that the fortress of Yazdiabad was destroyed by Mongols and Tatars. The fortress, which was the main fortification of the town, existed until the mid seventeenth century, when it was destroyed during the Safavid-Ottoman wars and has never regained its glory since. A legend says that the grave of Prophet Noah is in the town cemetery in Kohnagala.