One of the villages on the road, Gandob means sweet water. It has 216 houses. Located on a river, the village is covered in fruit trees. It is surrounded by a green forest. Sharp-edged stones are visible among the trees. The village is known for its cucumbers and French beans. The cucumbers are short, organic, gre­en, fragrant and juicy. The aroma of the cucumber spreads around when you cut it or bite it. While travelling through the village, you can see cucumbers in metal plates outside almost each house. They are for sale. Locals say that this is the best cucumber for pickling. French beans are the most popular ve­getables in Ismayilli. They grow in sum­mer and autumn. Fresh beans are co­oked and also pickled for winter. They even joke that you can find nothing but French beans in every kitchen in Ismayil­li during summer.