Though today there is no writing on the church, but according to rumors, there was a writing on that belonged to XIII century, in which said that the church had been built by the Elysee. As the Albanian Christian Church has been cancelled by order of the Russian Emperor in 1834 at that time the writing was erased.
There is another magnificent monuments near to Kish village. This is tower, which is a bastion fortification called Gelersen-Goreresen in historical sources. They say that Nadir Shah Afshar who came to power after the collapse of the Safavid Empire while attacking to these places invaded Sheki province and appointed a person named Malik Najaf here as a ruler. but after a period the local people complained to Nadir Shah of the heavy taxes imposed on the townspeople by Malik Najaf. At this time, winning the respect of the people and being from the former ruler of Sheki Darvish Mohammad`s generation Haji Chalabi Khan appointed by Nadir Shah as an assistant of Malik Najaf. After a while, Malik Najaf again begin to increase taxes illegally, beginning to public persecution and then the population rebelled under the leadership of Haji Chalabi. When Nadir Shah’s army came up to Shaki to suppress the revolt Haji Chalabi with the townspeople took refuge in the castle, located on a nearby mountain and which is inaccessible. In response to the letter of Nadir of giving up Chalabi responds: Gelersen-Gorersen (You will come and see). Although Nadir Shah’s army came towards the castle tower and besieged it, but it cannot defeat the defenders of the castle and recognizing Haji Chalabi as a Khan re-appoint him to the post of the ruler of Sheki. Although today the castle is in ruins, but it still maintains the usual splendor.
Besides, as the castle of Gelersen-Gorersen is located on a mountain with forest of charming beauty the roads leading to it are a bit difficult. Therefore, the castle as a fortified fortress always preserved and saved the people of Shaki from foreign invaders.
By visiting this monument in Sheki, in the castle which has been an obvious example of bloody wars and the struggle against the invaders that took place in the first half of the eighteenth century you will feel yourself as if you have fallen in that period. If you visit to the castle in the months of May to August you will feel yourself as if as being in ruins of the legendary castle.