The roads to Babadagh, one of the country’s most revered places of wors­hip, are open for only 45 days throug­hout the year. The vehicles of pilgrims form a long convoy along the valley in July and August. Travelling in Kamaz lor­ries and Soviet-made buses, everybody is anxious to see the Baba (grandfather).


Nana (grandmother), one of the com­panions of the Prophet Adam, has been buried at the foothills of the mountain, and Baba has disappeared on the mo­untaintop. Closer to the peak, there is the Valley of Devil and the Musa spring, which is similar to the Zamzam spring. Pilgrims first visit Nana’s grave, and then follow the dangerous route up to the mountain. Then they stone the devil, drink water from the Musa spring and fi­nally climb up the peak, where they pray for Baba and make a wish.