It is a village 180 km north-west of Baku, and 37 km east of the district center. La­hij is located on a slope of the Great Ca­ucasus Ridge, on the left bank of Gird­manchay 1,100-1,200 meters above sea level. There are the Govdagh (2,437 m) and Niyaldag (2,322 m) ranges nearby. The Lahij pass is at the crossroads of great Niyaldagh range. It is 1,700 meters high and is narrow and difficult to pass. The roads are open to traffic throughout the year although they can be dangero­us. Lahij, which is located behind seven mountains, has one particularity typical of all Eastern towns. Historically, there have been seven residential quarters surrounded by seven mountains, se­ven springs, seven mosques and seven baths in Lahij.