National Museum of History of Azerbaijan is 90 years old On June 15, 2010. The museum launched its activity under the name “Educational museum of native land-independence Museum” as the first state museum of Azerbaijan since June 1920. The cultural site which was called Azerbaijan USSR state Museum since 25 October of this year, became history-profile National Museum of History of Azerbaijan under Azerbaijan affiliate of Academy of Sciences Union as a result of reconstruction work since 1936. From establishment day the museum acting as cultural enlightenment and scientific research institution had engaged in exposition of material treasure ref­lecting history of Azerbaijani nation and its demonstration at exhibition and propagation, as well as, collection protection, investigation and publication. Over 300 thousand material monuments are protected in 11 funds and a rich library, the majority of which is consisted of rare books of the museum. The museum collection provides audience and investigator with opportunity to study history of the nation and explore any affair related with history.
Scientific research explored in the museum fulfils its main duty along with developing history in Azerbaijan. The results of different expeditions, valuable archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic, documentary and substantial materials achieved from intensive researches are testified in the exposition and peculiar and centuries-old civilization and history of Azerbaijan.
Eight scientific sections, including archaeology, ethnography and numismatics scientific fund department and a restoration lab function at the museum.
Presented album demonstrated only some parts of the collection of the museum.