Such a title can be found in any tourist guide. The most important places to be seen while you visit a certain city. What are interesting places the tourists may see first of all while visiting Shaki? Such a city with ancient history and rich culture is very rich in terms of places to be seen. The most famous and beautiful place among them is Palace of Sheki Khans. That is why the first place to be visited by you in your first days in Sheki must be this palace.
During a tour in Palace of Sheki Khans though the guides say that the palace was built by Haji Chalabi khan – the founder of the khanate for his grandson Husein khan, but it is known that the palace was constructed in the years of 1761-1762 i.e. a couple of years after the death of Haji Chalabi khan. As Husein khan wrote poems with the nickname of Mushtag the palace is also known as the Mansion of Mushtag. The Palace of Khans, which has come to our times is a part of a large palace complex. This palace was a summer palace of Sheki khans and comprised of 6 rooms, 4 corridors, 2 mirrored balconies. The both storeys of the palace are of the same structure. There is a large saloon in the centre and side rooms adjoining to corridors.
The most interesting thing is that there are windows and doors in the palace with shabaka which consist of glasses in different colours inserted into wooden pieces divided into the smallest geometric figures which has no analogues in the world. Each square metre of these shabakas consist of 5000 and in more complex parts 14000 shabakas. One of the originalities of the palace is that no nails and glue is used in its construction. Though the names of some masters and muralists who worked the images on the wall of the palace are written in some rooms, the researchers concluded that the creator of this palace was the master Abbasgulu. The patterns in the rooms of the palace are divided into four: geometrical and plants patterns, and the patterns with a plot and images of birds. The patterns are colourful and the golden colour is skilfully used in the Palace of Sheki Khans. Being one of the most prominent monuments of Azerbaijan architecture and art of painting the Palace is located inside of the castle. There are two trees in the yard of the Palace their age is calculated from the year of 1530. These trees are called khan tree among the people. The Palace of Sheki Khans is included in the List of World Heritage is considered as a part of the world cultural heritage.