It is a massive mountain that looks remote and inaccessible. But it is possible to con­quer it. To this end, you can get to Suvar by car, while you will have to walk the rest of the road. It will take three days to conquer Shahdagh. There are two roads leading to the Shahdagh peak. These are northern and southern routes developed by local moun­taineers. Although it is dangerous and dif­ficult to climb, the wonderful view of Shah­dagh, its excellent air, Garabulag which you will see on the road, high mountain lakes, canyons and other wonders are fascinating. There are shrines, ancient caravan paths, re­mains of an antique bridge and other traces of history in the area. The easiest way to reach this greatest peak of Azerbaijan is to use the road from the south. It is a safe road that does not require any special mountai­neering equipment. This is the road used by the topographer Andrey Pastukhov, which was the first to draw the map of the moun­tain ridge in 1892.