It is a place in a mountainous area wit­hin 2 km from Laza. It is the highest holiday destination and tourist base in Azerbaijan. Located at the foothills of Shahdagh, Suvar is open in winter as well. You can live in tents and sleep in sleeping bags here. The artificial lakes created at such a height give a diffe­rent look to the area. Those who wish to take a trip to the mountains and conqu­er peaks higher than 4,000 meters can get assistance from the staff of the Su­var recreational complex. You can also ask local villagers who are regarded as the best guides to the mountains and know every inch of land here. They can take you to the 3,000-meter high Shah plateau, the Shahnabat plateau or the 4,243-meter Mount Shahdagh, as well as to the 3,751-meter high Heydar Ali­yev peak in the Gizil-Gaya area.