The shrine in the local cemetery is known as the holy place of Sheikh Zahid. The great grandfather of Shah Ismail Khatai, Sheikh Zahid is buried here. Sheikh Zahid ibn Sheikh Rovshan Amir (1215-1300) was a well-known Oriental scholar, philosopher and a sect leader in the 13th century. His father Rovshan Amir was from Iran’s Gilan province who moved to the Siyavar village of Lankaran. Sheikh Zahid was born in this village. He received primary education from a Tabriz native Seyid Jamaladdin in the Pensar village of Lankaran. Zahid means an abstinent and pious person. After the death of his teacher Jamaladdin, Sheikh Zahid lived for 20 years and was engaged in farming. He was also a sect leader, which is why the village is called Shikhakaran (Sheikh’s houses).