When you go from the Lower caravanserai towards the castle you will see the second caravanserai called as Upper caravanserai and dated back to the eighteenth century. While you visit Sheki you should definitely see this caravanserai. The Upper (Yukhari) Caravanserai is currently operating as a hotel. Its area is 6000 square meters. The caravanserais of Sheki, were very nicely built from the architectural point of view. The traditional architecture of Sheki is clearly observed in their construction. The use of burnt brick with river stones resulted in the creation of one of the masterpieces of Sheki architecture. This caravanserai has very beautiful architectural structure. Thus, merchants living in here can keep their property in the basement. They made trade on the first floor and lived on the second floor. There are more than 300 rooms here. The caravanserai is in the rectangular form with pools located in the centre of courtyard. The ceiling of gates from inside are arched domes built of bricks. The richly decorated arch of the main entrance which is considered one of the biggest arched domes built of bricks in the Middle East is built in the corner of the building on the level of the third floor because of a gradient of relief. The doors of caravanserai are closed at night and became inaccessible like a small fortress. There is a bridge on the opposite side of the caravanserai which belongs to XVII century.