According to an inscription on the tomb, it was built in 1162. Locals also call it the “tomb of a father and grandfather”. Yusif ibn Kuseyr was a dearly loved adviser in the palace of the Atabays. Ibn Kuseyr enjoyed so much respect that after his death, the most prominent architect of the time was told to build a tomb for him. One of Nakhchivan’s most beautiful historical monuments was born as a result. The monument is made up of a crypt and a structure on the ground looking like a tower. The inscriptions on the tomb contain information about the date of its construction and the person the monument was dedicated to. One of them reads: “This tomb belongs to Yusif Kuseyr’s son, a teacher, a living chief, the intellect of the religion, the beauty of Islam and the head of sheikhs.” Another inscription reads: “Built by mason Ajami Abubakr’s son Nakhchivani.”