After the wedding ceremony, the bride is being brought into the room prepared for her, which is paved with her handmade carpets that she has depicted all her feelings and wishes on, and decorated with shelf cover, small mattresses, table cover, metal products and pottery. “Gerdek” consists of kilim which is a pileless rug distinguished by its delicacy and beauty. The gifts and jewelry presented to the bride are held in the small coffer on the table. Every ornament and color interprets a particular meaning and pass the wishes of happiness and blessings to the new family.
The red dress and accessories of the bride is completed with a lamp which symbolizes the inseparability and prosperity of the family and “buta” which symbolizes the woman and the man beginning. There are also geometrical ornaments and “tabarzin” (ancient weapon), which protects the family from evil eye and negative aura. All these and others in the video are the symbols of the happy beginning of family life and preservation of the ancient traditions.