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It is the house of Mirahmad Khan. The monument was designed and built in 1913 by French and Italian architects who were hired by Mirahmad Khan, a descendant of Talysh Khans. The three-storey palace is considered to be Lankaran’s first many-storey building. It is also the first pre-revolution mansion in Azerbaijan to have electricity and central heating systems. The building’s history is quite interesting. Mirahmad Khan’s wife Tugra won the Caucasus beauty contest in 1912. After winning the title, Khan’s wife asked him to build an unseen house. The woman wanted the building to be high enough for the whole town to be seen from its top. Loving his wife very much, Khan fulfills her request. With an appearance differing from other European-style houses, the building interior was typical of Lankaran. There were different-sized bowls on the shelves fixed on the walls. At present, Khan’s house is a local history museum. In general, there are quite a few architectural and historical buildings in Lankaran.

Source: Authentic Azerbaijan