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This is the name of Gusar bread. The bread is made in ovens typical of the northern zone. These ovens are called kharak. They are different from ovens used in other regions. The kharak made from soil has a rectangular shape and looks like an oven. Apart from bread, it is also used to cook other flour dishes of Lezgin cuisine. This bread which co­oked from dough made from water, salt and yeast can be kept for a long time. At normal room temperature, it can be kept for seven days and in a fridge for 10-12 days. The dough is divided into rounded lumps and rolled out. Before Lezgin bread is put into a kharak, it is pierced with special kind of turkey or rooster feather. This allows air to penet­ rate the dough and helps cook it more rapidly. The bread is ready within five minutes. Sometimes, bread which is not completely baked is taken out of the kharak, basted with cheese and eggs and then baked for several minutes lon­ger. It is called Lezgin pizza. They also cook “afar”, that’s to say Lezgin gutabs here. They make thin flat rolls from do­ugh, chop various plants picked from the courtyard or mountains and put them on the roll after mixing them with dried cheese. Then they put another la­yer of rolls on top and cook it in the kha­rak. It is very delicious and enjoyable.

Author: Aynur Talibova