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The village, which is situated at the foothills of Mount Ketsh, was destroyed by a strong earthquake, while survivors settled at the foothills of Mount Dam Dam and planted henna. Since then, the village has been called Khinalig. The Khinalig people, whose way of life has not undergone significant changes since time immemorial, regard themselves as descendants of Prophet Noah. In their view, during Noah’s storm, their village was situated in the Ketsh Mountains. During the subsequent earthquake, not a single house survived there and most of the population died. Those who survived forded the river, climbed a small hill and founded Khinalig. Locals believe that after the storm, Noah’s sons – “Shem” and “Ham” – moved to other places, while only Japheth remained there with his sons and founded the people of the Caucasus. Indeed, shells and fossilized fish bones found in the village located at a height of 2,300 meters testify to a storm and flood that once happened here.