The first foreign company in Baku was established by the Nobel brothers. In 1843, Emanuel Nobel traveled from Sweden to Russia, set up a plant and started manufacturing arms, ammunition and steam generators for warships. After the Crimean war there were no more state purchases, and the Nobel brothers faced the threat of bankruptcy. Ludwig and Robert Nobel set up military works in St Petersburg and began producing rifles. It wasn’t very profitable for the Nobel brothers to bring nut-trees for rifle butts from Germany. Neither were there nut-trees growing anywhere near St Petersburg. Specialists informed the brothers that the only place where nut-trees could be found was the forest of Lankaran, so Robert Nobel traveled to Azerbaijan and made a stop-over in Baku. While in Baku, he toured its black and white parts, and studied the industrial and economic situation. He soon discovered that Baku was the source of enormous wealth. So he wrote to his brother Ludwig that Baku was a very promising place for business, as wealth was pouring from its oil-fields day and night. He suggested establishing a company here. Shortly afterwards, the brothers purchased an oil-field and a refinery and engaged in day-to-day activities in Baku.