In the year 2000 Norwegian explorer and scientist Thor Heyerdahl gave his blessing to the study, restoration and conversion to à museum of the ancient church of Kish near Sheki in north-western Azerbaijan. According to tradition this rare and ancient monument of Azerbaijani-Albanian architecture is the oldest church in the Caucasus, founded in the 1 st century bu the Apostle Eliseus. The project, which got off the ground in 2000 and was completed in 2003, was à joint venture between Norway and Azerbaijan. The Kish Project began in February 2000 with the signing of à contract between the Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise, represented by Bjorn Wegge and Berge Torre, and the Arshitecture and Construction University of Azerbaijan.

Now, we go to Kish – one of the oldest churches in Caucasus. For Kish we recomend to you traveling in june or july. The Kish church is one of the most frequently visited monuments of the Christian culture of the Caucasian region.