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It is extremely diverse. There are 23 meat dishes, seven types of poultry, 20 farinaceous dishes and dishes made of nine fish types. Additionally, there are eight pilafs, five omelets, 28 fruit dishes, etc. Highly calorific dishes such as nut omelets are considered delicacies. The calorific value of dishes is never taken into consideration. There is a total of 21 dishes made of rice alone. Pilaf festivals have become popular in recent years. Southern people love rice. Pilafs can be made of peas, beans, dill, pumpkin, lentils, etc. It is cooked with milk, can be of doshama, fisinjan and other types depending on the season. For instance, fisinjan pilaf is traditionally cooked on the New Year. It is very labor intensive and expensive to cook. It is hard to believe that a dish may take 24 hours to cook. Its sauce, made of kilos of walnuts, onions, pomegranates, chicken and other products, is put into saucepans and then kept in a fridge. Then it is slightly heated and served with rice. It is highly calorific and difficult to digest. Sometimes the fisinjan cooked in winter can last until Nowruz. In the January-March period, Lankaranians usually treat their guests to the fisinjan pilaf. Lankaran has been noted for its most professional cooks from time immemorial, as cooking skill is often passed on from one generation to another. Even today the country’s most famous cooks come from Lankaran.