The most common colours used in symbols of Azerbaijan were blue, red and green. Blue is the colour of heaven and the eternal symbol of Turkism. Green – the colour of the fields and forests, also symbolised Islam. Red is the colour of fire, fighting and progress.
The museum collections have quite a few historical exhibits with symbols of fire and sun, and also details of blue, green and red colours.
Symbols that evolved over centuries are reflected on the state flag and the national emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan today were further developed in 1918-1920. On November 9, 1918, the state flag was adopted which has the form of a three-coloured canvas with stripes of blue, red and green colours. In the middle of the flag, in the red stripe, an eight-pointed star and crescent are placed.
A fire is pictured in the middle of the state emblem, which symbolises “the land of fires”. The colours used on the national emblem are the colours of the national flag of Azerbaijan. The eight-pointed star symbolises the eight branches of Turkic nation. A wreath of ears of wheat and oak branches are placed underneath. A wreath of ears of wheat symbolises wealth and fertility. Oak branches symbolise the antiquity of the earth. The shield in the national emblem means defence.