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Besides the Khan’s garden and the Palace of Shaki Khans you will see one more old building in the castle. This is an ancient Albanian temple that belongs to I-V centuries. The people of Sheki call this temple as the Circular temple. The historians say different things about the history of this building. It is believed that the foundation of the temple was laid before the eighth century. It was the second phase of the spread of Christianity in Caucasian Albania. According to some historical sources, the temple was renovated during Dervish Muhammad and Chalabi Khan.
Currently the temple and its courtyard is open to tourists. There also operates Shaki People Applied Art Museum here. The tourists will have access to information about popular crafts that survived from the oldest times till nowadays and craftsmen well-known in Sheki city in this museum. The museum consists of 4 exhibit halls. The examples of material culture discovered during archaeological excavations carried out in Shaki are displayed in the 1st hall. You will get a chance to see different type of pottery, jewelery, weapons and so on. The second hall is the main hall. You will get a chance to see works of craft such as pottery, carpentry, takalduz, coppersmith, shabaka, architecture, hatting in the hall dedicated to the general craft section. The third hall is dedicated to national costumes, traditional musical instruments, the sericulture. Finally, samples of shelves, niches, mattresses, chests, spinning wheel, wool combs and so on. which are located in the houses of Sheki in accordance with the traditions are demonstrated in the fourth hall called as Sheki room. It is said in the museum that, there are more than 500 exhibit items.