30 km outside Baku, in the village of Surakhani, Ateshgah (“House of Fire”) – the temple of fire worshipers is located. This ancient shrine was built on a site where natural gas flows came to the surface and burned. The pentagonal complex features an open courtyard with an altar in the middle. The structure was repeatedly reconstructed and its current version comes from the 17th century.

Ancient manuscripts refer to the temple as Ateshi Baguvan – “the place of Baku sacred fires”. It was mentioned in writings by travelers, diplomats and historians.

Jules Verne, a French writer, described Ateshgah in his story entitled “Claudius Bombarnak”: “…the famous shrine of Ateshgah is located 22 versts outside the city…The eternal fire is burning there…”

Currently, Ateshgah constitutes a historical-architectural conservation area attracting tourists from all over the world.