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Chiraggala is the symbol of Davachi and can be seen from all parts of the district. There is no other monument like this in Azerbaijan. It is located about 20-25 km from the center on top of a steep rock. It is believed that Chiraggala was built in the 5th-6th century and was used for defensive and reconnaissance purposes until the 18th century. Secret undergro­und tunnels were built from the castle to the sea in the past. Chiraggala was used to inform other castles and regi­ons of Azerbaijan about enemy invasi­ons. Chiraggala received information mainly from Darband Castle through smoke. It was also one of the three lar­ge castles of the defensive line stretc­hing from the Caspian Sea to the Great Caucasus Mountains and was used as a guard house for the Gilgilchay dam. The Gilgilchay dam and Besbarmaq Castle in Siyazan, Chiraggala in Davachi and Dar­band Castle in Dagestan form a whole defensive complex that protected the northern borders of Caucasian Albania.

In the course of time, a great part of the dam collapsed. Chiraggala, which has survived to date, was declared a state reserve in 2003.