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Alongside with the fame of Sheki for its mosques, it is also one of the regions where once a Christian church in Caucasian Albania was very mighty. In this regard, we recommend you to visit the oldest church in the Caucasus while visiting Sheki. The church is located in Maflar quarter of the village Kish Sheki. The reminders of the walls enclosing the area of the church in some places have preserved. As the wall is long and almost as big as Maflar quarter gives opportunity to say that it was one of the influential churches with great importance. The church tower, the top of the hall adjacent to the tower is built from the large, hewn stones. The history of the church belongs to I-V centuries. The village of Kish is situated at the foot of the mountains surrounding of which is covered with green forests, in the lap of charming nature. Although the history of the church said to belong to I-V centuries during the archaeological excavations carried out and around it the graves from the Bronze were discovered. And this allows us to say that the church is also used as a temple before the Christianity by the local people. Today the temple of Kish is also functions as a museum. As mentioned above, buying tickets for 2 manats you can get an opportunity to watch the exhibits in the church and the interiors of the church as well.