Sheki-Kish-“Gelersen-Gorersen” fortress-Sheki — 22km (14 mi) (10km/6 mi by car or bus, 12km/8.5 mi hiking); 6 hours. Starting in Sheki city centre, take either bus 15 or 23, which run every half hour, and take it to the end of the line. After that, ask a local where Genersen Goresen Fortress is located and continue asking as you walk through the village of Kish. This path takes you from Kish to the “Gelersen-Gorersen fortress” through the Kish river and through pine groves with a plethora of varieties of mushrooms growing in the underbrush. Walking to the fortress takes about two hours. There is a tea house 15 minutes away from the fortress that can serve as a resting point before going up or descending from the fortress. Once at the fortress, different views of the Kish River can be seen from the peaks of the mountains. The way back from the mountain is a great time to have a picnic beneath the trees on the hills overlooking the valley.

We know from history that the population of Sheki during the attacks of the foreign invaders were leaving the city, finding refuge in the nearby castles. For example, the world-famous military leader, Nadir Shah Afshar while attacking Sheki Haji Chalabi Khan, took refuge and defended in the fortress of Gelersen-in-Gorersen a few kilometers outside of the city. Nadir Shah who reckoned with inaccessibility of the castle, was forced to return back, giving the title of Khan to Haji Chalabi.