Although the baths are located just 10 km from the Khaltan village, it was possible to get there in two or three hours, because there is no road as such there. Along the road, we could not see a single soul, animals or birds. Silence is deafening in this place where there is not even a telephone line. After a tiring journey of several hours, the view you can see is fascinating.

Istisu looked like a tent camp. Those who come here from neighboring districts live here in isolation from civilization for 40 days. Hot water has been coming out of the rocks for hundreds of years at a height of 1,500-1,800 meters. Failing to withstand the chemical composition of the water, the rocks melt and form natural baths. Hence, the name. There are two large natural baths in the area. One is for women and the other one for men. It is believed that there too many such natural baths in the area. But they are located much higher in a more dangerous place. There are also deposits of natural gas here.