Khinalig village, which has been included on the UNESCO list of world historical monuments, resembles a museum in the open air. This village, which is called “an island in the mountains”, is 65 km from the district centre. Houses built from river stones climb the mountain and resemble a multi-storey building. In his essay entitled “Memories of Khinalig Village”, Rasul Rza likened the local houses to eagle nests placed on each other. Since Khinalig has been declared a reserve, it is illegal to build new houses here.

There are no hotels or canteens in Khinalig. Only locals offer tourists a bed for the night. They are very hospitable. Since Khinalig residents live in cold mountain conditions, they are very simple and economical. Those who are keen on ecotourism can stay in tents overnight. It is possible to get to Shah Yaylaghi and Mount Gizil Gaya (3,700 meters) from the village through the Khinalig pass by a mountain road. Passing through Shah Yaylaghi, it is possible to get on horseback to the Lezgin village of Laza, located on the bank of the Gusar River at a distance of 30 km. Khinalig residents can also arrange for tourists wrestling and horse riding contests and horseback trips to the Shah Nabat pastures where bazaars are organized.