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Many mosques and baths Sheki remain to this day. When viewed from above, first of all the mosque minarets that seen from the historic areas of the city attracts the attention of people. One of this mosques is Sheki Juma mosque. The mosque belongs to XVIII-XIX centuries. The mosque has been built of burnt bricks. The structure of the mosque consists of arched and columned hall. Dividing into sections by means of stones and trees enabled to cover passage in the building. When you look from the high places towards the city (especially in spring and summer) the mosque with minaret of up to 28, 5 meters in the background low houses and greenery brings a new charms to the beauty of Sheki. As the sharafa completing the mosque’s minaret has been worked out very well this increases the beauty of mosque. If you see inside the mosque you will see its simplicity. The two-storeyed mosque was built in the form of n.