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This is an absolutely irresistible dish of the southern cuisine, especially in Lankaran. In essence, Lavangi is the name of the chicken or fish stuffing. It can be of different types: chicken, bald-coot (wildfowl), egg-plant, fish and summer Lavangi. The last is usually cooked in hot summer months as cherry plums and different vegetables are stuffed inside fish and baked in the tandir. Lavangi is rich in vitamins, has a very special taste and is highly calorific. The most delicious fish Lavangi is made of the Black Sea roach caught only in the Caspian. If the fish has caviar, it is not discarded. It is added to Lavangi, mixed and then stuffed inside before baking. As is the case with other fish dishes, Lavangi is served with pomegranate or cherry plum juice. Lavangi also has nuts.